Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's journey (week 10)

This week’s highlight has been the Transition training special led by Vicky McKinnon (CanDu Fitness)! Who'd have thought I could actually get on an off a moving bike without falling over?!

Monday - Opened the curtains to a rather misty morning but after an appropriate amount of faff I was out the door and off on my 30 mins run. I did the new single loop run again, this time I couldn't see very far ahead so wasn't as put off by the incline. The whole run felt a bit slow and I was sure that I wasn't getting round as quickly as last time (and that had been after I'd been on the bike) so I put some extra effort in as I headed back towards home and my tracker tells me that my pace saw a gradual increase over every km - that must be a first! Back to Pilates after work and a week off core work.

Tuesday - Wet start to the day and no core this evening so packed my bike into my car to take to Tatton after work. Made the most of being outside and getting started in good time by doing this week’s brick session. Had to pack my bike in the car for the transition but I was still suffering from wobbly legs as I set off on my run. It was a tough one but I was glad to be out there. 

Wednesday - Beginners intervals with Run Knutsford and another challenging run pace.

Thursday - Up and at it with a 50mins turbo session before work followed by a challenging Barre Pilates session after work with some new moves to try.

Friday - Woo … ohhh…. Walking into work and went over on my ankle … ouch and oh crikey … not again…  

Saturday - Saturday training session - the Transition Special was fab! Loved attempting getting on and off a moving bike, not something I ever imagined I'd ever be able to do, just need to remember it all now and not trip over my feet on race day! I was also meant to do a longer run today but after attempting for all of about 30 seconds and realising my ankle probably wasn't up to it I decided that I should really be giving it a rest so swapped to a short walk instead. Disappointed I couldn't complete the session but I know it's the right thing to do.

Sunday - Up and out for the longer bike ride, set off earlier this time so I could have a coffee at the end rather than in the middle! I still feel very slow but think I'm improving a little bit.

Bit of a mixed week, disappointed to have injured my ankle again but have been looking ahead at next week’s plan and with a few swaps I should hopefully be okay to complete everything on there and there is also some nice weather due too so that should brighten things up.

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's journey - week 9

Monday - The Bank Holiday means a day off work and a chance to do Thursday's brick session early. I did the training loop twice and tagged on a bit extra on the second one to make sure I did the full session. Then it was the slowest transition ever, I had to put my bike in the car and there was a good dose of faff. I then ran back into the park and down the main drive, looked a bit too wet and muddy to venture off the road and heading into the park I can’t help thinking that I have to get back out again but I kept working on the positive thinking and a wave from a fellow Run Knutsford Duathlete running in the opposite direction really spurred me on :-)

Tuesday - Back to work and no core class this evening so left the cycle session until after work.  Need to crack on and do a bit of core home work as there is no Pilates this week either.

Wednesday - Beginners intervals with Run Knutsford, the run pace kept me challenged!

Thursday - Another swap, doing Saturday's longer run today as I'm hoping to try the new Parkrun in Northwich on Saturday, so saving my shorter run for that. No Barre this week either so decided to head into Tatton after work. Still a bit wet so stuck to the roads and headed up past the old hall, on my way back towards the gates I realised I was probably going to get there before I'd done the full session, so was planning an extra add-on when I spotted a couple of familiar faces in the distance. It was two of my running buddies out making up for missing out on RK last night (well done ladies!) so I tagged along and had a lovely end to the session even managing to go over my planned run time.

Friday - Woo hoo!!!

Saturday - Up and out to try my first ever Parkrun. I was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic at the start and ended up walking at just before half way. I then forgot about all the positive thinking I was supposed to be practicing and struggled a bit during the second half. Having said that I got to the end and was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed my pace so wasn't as bad as I'd first thought. I'm definitely seeing improvements!

Sunday - Headed off to Tatton with my bike for a bit more practice but found the gates closed to cyclists as there was an event on. Went the opposite way round the loop and bumped into some more Run Knutsford chums setting off on their Sunday run so couldn't resist hatching a plan to meet for a mid-session coffee . This meant my longer session was split in two which I know not really in the spirit of things but it was good to have a catch up. 

I've been full of cold this week but with a bank holiday and no formal Pilates / core classes  it's meant that I've been able to swap things around a bit so have managed to keep at it. I think it is going to be a bit of a shock to the system next week and it's back to early starts! I'll be focusing on more positive thinking and it only being for 2 weeks (so no excuses for not giving it my all!) and trying not to think about what 'only 2 weeks' also means … Eeeek!!!!!

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey

A couple of emails from Helen and Vicky last week have really helped to spur me on!!! I'm learning that positive thinking really does help!

So here's what I've been up to this last week!

Monday - Just Pilates today - someone forgot to send the 'easier week' memo to the instructor and we were given some end of term challenges which were *almost* on a par with "Torture Tuesdays"!

Tuesday - After a good dose of wise words and encouragement I hit the turbo with renewed enthusiasm and smashed my previous efforts. Put through our paces again in Strength & Conditioning. It was great doing the little tests to see where we are at and it will be interesting to see how we fair against today's benchmark next time.

Wednesday - Out with Run Knutsford, another fun evening and great to see the progress other members are making whilst also going 14 mins over my Wednesday target.

Thursday - Up early to complete a shorter bike run session, it's hard work getting out of bed (I'm not a morning person!) but I always feel a lot better for it and it's nice headed into the day knowing that I've already got something ticked off. Barre in the evening before the start of a long weekend.

Friday - Rest day and a day off work!

Saturday - I struggled to motivate myself to get started, but finally mid-afternoon coaxed myself onto the turbo and then out for a run. The original plan was to get out on the road but it just wasn’t happening so I've planned a swap for next week’s brick session which I'll do on Monday, outside, no excuses! The run went well, I tried a new route which was a single loop which I realised (much to my initial horror) has a steady incline part way round. I had a little think, realised it was probably a good thing really and took the opportunity to practice a bit of positive thinking which I think really worked. Maybe that's something I need to focus on over the next few weeks.

Sunday - A second rest day!!  I've been spoilt this week! :-)

The easier week has given me a bit of recovery time but has still kept me busy. Think it arrived just at the right time and a last push of 3 weeks seems achievable … well almost… no it IS achievable. I AM going to do this!!! 

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey

I am starting to embrace the early start - well almost!

Monday - A cancelled train meant postponing today's run until after Pilates; it was cold but felt good afterwards.  

Tuesday - A successful early start and 55 mins on the turbo (50 plus last week’s missing 5). I say successful as I completed it, but it was hard work. I could really feel it in my legs today and my tracker claims I've been less than enthusiastic in my efforts! A tough Strength and Conditioning in the evening, I think I'm going to feel it tomorrow!

Wednesday - Yes, definitely feeling the effects of last night - all over!! Run Knutsford this evening and I finished just shy of the 45 mins so will tag a little onto tomorrow's run.

Thursday - Up and on the bike before work, with legs still recovering from Tuesday! Really felt it on the turbo but managed a better performance than earlier in the week and then straight outside on wobbly legs; took a bit for me to get going...  It was Barre after work which was tough with stiff legs!

Friday - Woo hoo!!

Saturday - Back to Marbury Park to tackle a 50 min run, finally some lovely weather to enjoy. Lost my sock in my shoe within the first 5 mins so had to stop and sort myself out but was then pretty uneventful until 30 seconds from the end when I managed to trip over a puppy who decided it'd be fun to have a little run round my legs. My legs went everywhere as I was trying to avoid the little thing but also desperate not to stop before the 50 mins was up. Thankfully we both escaped unscathed! 

Sunday - Better weather, so out to Tatton Park to re-do the loop we did on training day. I got round twice this time and tagged a bit more on to the end to make up the minutes. I went in the afternoon and it was all a bit busy in the park so I'm going to try and get out there earlier next time. I'm finding the difference between being on the turbo and on the road tricky; think I need to keep up the practice outside and also to sort out a sliding seat post. Had really sore legs by the end of the ride and my right buttock seems to be having a massive sulk. I'm not really sure why, as if anyone spotted me I'm sure I looked more like I was out on a Sunday afternoon jaunt rather than a training session. 

I have struggled with my head a bit this week. I think some nervousness is beginning to set in. It's an easier week next week (which I think I'm ready for) but then it is only 3 full on weeks before race week. Suddenly it all seems very close!

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 6)

I am learning that a bit of forward planning and organisation is key to a successful training week!

Monday - I finally managed to drag myself out of bed early enough to do a run before work! I was half asleep and my legs felt like lead, but I did it and reviewing my pace afterwards I hadn't done too badly. After work it was Pilates and then I was done for the day, pleased to have made the effort earlier. 

Tuesday - A busy day with an early start meant that I needed to squeeze my turbo session in between work and core with just slightly more than the 50 mins to do it in. It was at this point I realised that I need to be a bit more organised when I come in after being out on the bike as it was in need of a good clean and it was also not on the turbo... So after a hasty setup, I was on the bike and spinning away. After a few minutes of warming up I got cracking and as I'd done no planning for this session decided to focus on keeping my legs going round at a decent rate. As time went on it felt tough and I wasn't able to get into the higher gears I'd done previously and keep pushing - what was happening? It then dawned on me… my turbo can be adjusted by a little switch which is meant to be on the handlebar but was currently strewn across the room and it now I was pushing against a much higher resistance than I'd been using previously! I was tight for time and didn’t want to stop so persevered for the 50 mins and then gladly hopped off. A speedy shower and then out the door for Strength and Conditioning! 

Wednesday - Run Knutsford and a 45 min run ticked off.

Thursday - There really weren't enough hours in the day today even with a 5am start so I'm calling an early rest day and postponing this week’s brick session until tomorrow.

Friday - Feeling a little sad that I don’t get my Friday free day this week as I've become a bit used to getting to the end of the working week and coming home to relax. Tonight it was bike-run and I even managed to summon up a second wind during the run which was good as it's definitely something which needs working on.

Saturday - Up early-ish and out to Marbury Park for a 45 min run. Brrrr…. It was windy, snowy and cold and my eyes were full of sleep but I kept going, made it round and I'm sure the bracing air did me some good!

Sunday - Plan for today was to re-try the Tatton Park route we did during last week’s training session, then I looked out the window. Snow! So it was back on the turbo for what felt like the longest 50 mins ever! Made worse when I re-checked the plan later on and realised it was supposed to be 55 mins so I'm ending the week 5 mins short!  I did the session without looking at the cadence sensor output or doing too much gear changing so was pleased to see that I'd managed to keep spinning in the higher end of the range it should have been, my legs must be starting to get a little bit used to this!

Woo hoo to making it half way through! Here's to a more organised Week 7 and some good weather at the weekend. Oh, and to catching up on my missing 5 mins!!!!

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 5)


This week I've started to really feel like I've made some progress!

Monday - Pilates followed by 15 min run and all is well

Tuesday - Still haven’t conquered the early start … I then managed to go over on my ankle whilst walking back to my desk at work! It was more of a shock than anything too serious but has made it a bit uncomfortable walking. I didn’t let that put me off popping on the bike though and managed to complete the 40 mins. I didn’t go as high in the gears as I have been doing but still managed to work up a sweat. Then it was on to core. Another fun session!

Wednesday - Ankle still a bit swollen and sore so was glad to be out with the new beginners and with a bit of encouragement from Vicky managed to tag a bit more of a run onto the end so it was a good session.

Thursday - Had to drive to Leeds and the weather was a bit grim so the 3 hrs in the car took a bit of a toll on my ankle which stiffened up. A good walk around seemed to sort it out and the journey back was much better so avoided using the ankle as an excuse and hopped on the bike for 35 mins (again not such high gears) and then straight out for a 20 min run. Given my head had been making excuses not to do it or to swap the brick for a bike only session I actually really enjoyed the run and as I was on my way back I realised that I wasn't doing too bad really as this was a 55 min session and I was out there doing it and actually trundling along quite nicely - that made me smile! :-)

Friday - Thank goodness - rest day - yippee!!!

Saturday - Training day!! Woo hoo!! Didn't start as planned as I managed to put my bike through the rear lamp of my car but the good news is I already have it booked in for work on Tuesday so a quick phone call later and all sorted. It was a bit of a wetter start than I'd expected but the sun was soon out to brighten us up. I may have been last back from the run but I was super chuffed when I checked out my times. I think this may have been my fastest run ever! Then it was onto the bike to see how I got on out on the open road; I enjoyed the run through Tatton and managed to crack on pretty well. It was a bit tougher on the way back - I think I'd got a bit tired and the wind wasn't doing anyone any favours and I've still got plenty of time to work on endurance on the bike. I was completely rubbish by the time it got to the second run, but I think this was probably my head causing the problems rather than my body.

Officially today I should be doing a 40min run so I've ticked that off and I'm chuffed that I've achieved even more and had a taste of what's to come on the 29th!

Sunday - Today is a 50 min bike ride; after the efforts of yesterday I decided to do a bit more adventuring along the river which was lots of fun but I have concluded that there are a few too many obstacles to crack on with getting used to having my legs spinning faster and changing gears at the right point so I'm going to try Tatton again next week. I was out for over an hour so I was pleased enough with that

My ankle is now graduating from purple to yellow so hopefully it won’t be long before it's back to normal. I'm settling in to the additional sessions although I have a busy week ahead so think I'm going to have to do a bit of advance planning to fit everything in - but I am feeling optimistic! :-)

Rainy Race Simulation

The Moor, Knutsford. Perfect for run intervals!

Our penultimate training day was a great success....despite being a little damp at the start!!  It is super inspiring to see the efforts from our hard core duathletes who have braved all sorts of weather over the winter, but yesterday, they totally nailed the race prep. 

A group of men and women completed a run, bike, run session.  To put the distances into perspective....the first run was a little longer than the super-sprint, but shorter than the sprint distance.  The bike course completed was very similar to the race course, but missed out a loop around the playground in Tatton Park, Knutsford.  On race day the sprint competitors will be doing two laps, and the super-sprint one lap.  The final run on April 29th will be all on the grass at Egerton Youth Club on Mereheath Lane. 

As coaches, Helen and I (Vicky!) were so pleased to see all of our coached athletes smiling through the rain and getting as much as possible out of the morning's session.  The time spent after the session drinking tea and eating cake was a great opportunity to chat to fellow duathletes, discuss training, share transition tips and identify areas to work on for next time. 

Knutsford Junior Tri club had their regular training session at the same time, so the kids were working hard as well.  They cycled in small groups towards Tatton Old Hall and then did some time trialing / cyclo-cross through the mud and puddles!  After returning to cheer their parents on, they went down to The Moor for some hills and run intervals, before joining the adults to drink hot chocolate and eat cake!

We are really looking forward to the next and final session on 14th April.  This will be for adults and child focusing on transition and bike handling skills.  For further information or to book on, please email

We're in the local paper!


We were really pleased to feature in the latest issue of the Knutsford Guardian.


Inaugural event on course for success

Organisers of the town’s first ever duathlon say they are confident the run-bike-run event will be a success.

Over one hundred people have already signed up for the Canute Duathlon in Knutsford on Sunday April 29th. 

Local businesses have also pledged their support, including Isle of Man Hearing Solutions owned by Knutsford resident Guy Wolstencroft, local bike shop Bikes ‘n Gear and the team at Smart Financial.

“People don’t often appreciate the hidden costs involved in putting on an event like this and we are so grateful for everyone’s support” organiser Vicky McKinnon said.

“From prizes to financial help, from volunteers to accommodating venues like Tatton Park and Egerton Youth Club, this simply wouldn’t be possible without their help,” McKinnon said.

Competitors will run and cycle through the iconic Tatton Park before finishing with a run in the grounds of Egerton Youth Club.

Participants can choose between a shorter event which consists of a 3.5km run, an 11km bike ride and a final 1.25km run, or a longer event which involves running 5.5km, cycling 22km before a 2.5km run to finish. 

“We really wanted to make the event appeal to complete beginners, and we’re delighted so many people have entered,” Organiser Vicky McKinnon said.

“The distances are achievable and there are still places available, so if you still want to enter, do it!” McKinnon added.

She and fellow organiser Helen Murray have been leading monthly training sessions to help people prepare for the race.  

Run Knutsford member Aunya Davison has been attending regularly and says she has seen vast improvements since last October.

“I have loved the duathlon training sessions! As someone less experienced I've never felt like I didn't deserve to be there or that there was any part of the session I couldn't get stuck into.”

Miss Davison completed the Couch to 5k in 2016 but hadn’t ever done much cycling.  She says she is now looking forward to completing her first ever duathlon.

“I'm super excited, coupled with a good pinch of nervousness and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve.”

For more information about the Canute Duathlon and to enter visit or follow @Canuteduathlon1 on Twitter.  

Online entries are also open for the Canute Kids Duathlon which will be returning to Egerton Youth Club on July 8th.

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 4)

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  This is the latest in her series of blog posts:    

CanDu Fitness Core and strength and conditioning class

Week 4 - An easier week - thank goodness, especially given the weather :-)

Monday - Pilates, different teacher this week so we were treated to a lesson on the foam rollers - extra core challenge!

Tuesday - Failed at getting up early so completed the turbo session after work and then on to core.   Another fun session although felt it afterwards and had a very good nights sleep! 

Wednesday - No Run Knutsford so decided to swap tomorrows brick session with today's run. Short break between the bike and the run to pop on an extra layer and it was still blooming freezing but I was chuffed with myself for making the effort.

Thursday - Barre Pilates followed by a 30 mins run - had to resort to bribery (takeaway tea) and a change of venue - ran round Knutsford so I wasn't tempted by the warmth of home.

Friday - REST DAY - Yippee!! 

Saturday - Bit late for Marbury Park so just did a 30 mins uneventful run from home.

Sunday - Adventure day!! As it's an easier week I decided I'd try out the open road on my bike!   It was great being outside and after the initial nerves I coped with the traffic better than expected. Ended up having a few stops as I worked out where to go and went a bit slower than I could have done, but really enjoyed it. I definitely need to work on getting my gears right and also at keeping my cadence up. It was really useful having a session outside as it made me realise that I have probably never really biked with my legs spinning that fast, so I think its definitely something I need to work on.   I managed to trundle along nicely on the way into town and made it up the inclines a bit more easily than I think I would have in the past :-)

After today it was great to see the benefits of the turbo sessions and having regular session on the bike. Looking forward to getting stuck in with next week!

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event? 



Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 3)

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  This is the latest in her series of blog posts: 

Week 3 - This has been a bit of a mixed week but still sticking at it!

Monday - Off to a shaky start as I was running late and missed Pilates ... made up for it with a bit of Core homework though :-)

Tuesday - Completed the bike-run session after work, the extra 5 mins of running wasn't as bad as I'd expected and now realising that the wobbliness does wear off a bit once you get going!

Wednesday - Run Knutsford - None of the beginners were there so I was up with the next group. They were going steady but I was chuffed that I managed to keep up with them for a lot longer than I have done previously. We then split so I could recover with a slightly shorter route, joined up again and set a challenge for me to take a shorter route back and for them to try and catch me. This worked really well as it kept me pushing myself right to the end listening out for the fast approaching clatter of feet behind me!

Thursday - Barre Pilates (with more new challenges) followed by 30 mins on the turbo.

Friday - REST DAY - Yippee!! 

Saturday - Back to Marbury Park and an attempt at the signposted routes. Felt a bit sluggish (although not actually like a slug...) but kept going and was pleasantly surprised when I realised that I'd done okay when reviewing my stats.

Sunday - Suffered from a major case of can't be bothered-itus and found every excuse possible not to get on my bike (although I knew I'd do it eventually). I compromised and got on and just rode rather than doing a more structured session. Consequently my HR, cadence and speed were a bit lower than previously but I still managed to work up a sweat and stuck at it for the full 40 mins so I was pleased I'd at least done something.

I'm going to try and get up a bit earlier on Tues/Thurs so I can do the bike, bike/run before work and then go to class in the evening... Optimistic that I can do it at the moment, let's see if that's still the case when my alarm rings in the morning!!!! Bring on the easier (it's not really is it :-) ) week!! :-)

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event? 

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey Week 2

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  This is the latest in her series of blog posts: 

Week 2 - After the minor disappointment of last week his week has been much better and I've enjoyed the mix of activities

Monday – Pilates – Tick!

Tuesday - Completed the bike-run session after work, got rather hot and sweaty on the turbo before staggering out the front door like bambi to complete the 10 min run (I hope my new neighbours weren't watching!) then it was a quick turnaround to get out the door for CanDu Fitness core class.

Wednesday  - Run Knutsford - Some of my regular running buddies were away so I managed a slightly faster paced 45 min run.

Thursday - Not on the plan but had a Barre Pilates class and the instructor was fresh from a course learning some more advanced moves so she took the opportunity to try some out on us. Hard work after Tuesday's core! Got home and popped straight on the turbo for a 30 min session, chuffed with my progress as my tracker showed an improved speed and cadence (I haven't started tinkering with the trainer resistance yet).

Friday - REST DAY - Phew!!!! 

Saturday - Up and on the turbo for 30 mins before getting ready to head out and meet my new team for lunch. Hot and sweaty again! Not a morning person and full of cold so was lacking a little enthusiasm but pleasantly surprised that I did okay compared with earlier in the week and nice to be headed out knowing I'd already done today's training.

Sunday - Feeling a little 'tired' after yesterday's adventures and also sore legs and feet as it was the first time I had worn heels in ages! Time for some fresh air and to explore some new running routes... Headed to Marbury Park, wasn't all that sure where I was going but managed not to get too lost and completed the 40 mins target (with one short stop when I bumped into some horses). Found signposted 3km and 1km routes which I'll definitely be making the most of next weekend!

My cold is now on the way out, planning an early night tonight and looking forward to getting cracking with Week 3!!

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event? 

Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 1)

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  She is following a training plan that they have written.   

Aunya is a member of Run Knutsford and she started running in 2016 with the Couch to 5k programme.  She's never done more than the odd bit of recreational cycling though, so doing a duathlon is a big step into the unknown.   

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event? 

Week 1 – After much excitement about getting started with the plan, my first week has been a bit tough, not because of what’s on the plan but more around having a crazy couple of weeks moving house which has kept me busy with what seemed like a gargantuan amount of cleaning, unpacking and sorting. Having said that, I was really keen to get started…

Monday – Pilates – Tick!

Tuesday – Only managed Core today (so missed the bike/run). A fun but tough session and I think I was still feeling the after effects of Sunday’s beasting.

Wednesday – Run Knutsford – Fun session with improved times for the beginners and a nice little group of four running together. 

Thursday – Another 'cheat' day - I brought forward my rest day as it was my final day of cleaning/sorting at my old pad.

Friday – Bike – 20 mins – I engaged the help of Chrissie Wellington and Audiofuel to try and keep me going and did the first 20 mins of ‘Ride Harder 1’ – 20 mins only got me up one side of the pyramid (!) and my average cadence needs to pick up a bit but it certainly got me sweating!! 

Saturday – Run – 40 mins – Did it … but I was … rubbish! 

Sunday – Bike 20 mins – Chrissie was on hand again to help out – I saw an improvement over Fridays session so that left me feeling a bit more optimistic about things and ready to put the disappointment in myself behind me. 

I'm now feeling motivated and ready for a cracking Week 2!!!  :-)