Rainy Race Simulation

The Moor, Knutsford. Perfect for run intervals!

Our penultimate training day was a great success....despite being a little damp at the start!!  It is super inspiring to see the efforts from our hard core duathletes who have braved all sorts of weather over the winter, but yesterday, they totally nailed the race prep. 

A group of men and women completed a run, bike, run session.  To put the distances into perspective....the first run was a little longer than the super-sprint, but shorter than the sprint distance.  The bike course completed was very similar to the race course, but missed out a loop around the playground in Tatton Park, Knutsford.  On race day the sprint competitors will be doing two laps, and the super-sprint one lap.  The final run on April 29th will be all on the grass at Egerton Youth Club on Mereheath Lane. 

As coaches, Helen and I (Vicky!) were so pleased to see all of our coached athletes smiling through the rain and getting as much as possible out of the morning's session.  The time spent after the session drinking tea and eating cake was a great opportunity to chat to fellow duathletes, discuss training, share transition tips and identify areas to work on for next time. 

Knutsford Junior Tri club had their regular training session at the same time, so the kids were working hard as well.  They cycled in small groups towards Tatton Old Hall and then did some time trialing / cyclo-cross through the mud and puddles!  After returning to cheer their parents on, they went down to The Moor for some hills and run intervals, before joining the adults to drink hot chocolate and eat cake!

We are really looking forward to the next and final session on 14th April.  This will be for adults and child focusing on transition and bike handling skills.  For further information or to book on, please email canuteduathlon@gmail.com