Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 3)

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  This is the latest in her series of blog posts: 

Week 3 - This has been a bit of a mixed week but still sticking at it!

Monday - Off to a shaky start as I was running late and missed Pilates ... made up for it with a bit of Core homework though :-)

Tuesday - Completed the bike-run session after work, the extra 5 mins of running wasn't as bad as I'd expected and now realising that the wobbliness does wear off a bit once you get going!

Wednesday - Run Knutsford - None of the beginners were there so I was up with the next group. They were going steady but I was chuffed that I managed to keep up with them for a lot longer than I have done previously. We then split so I could recover with a slightly shorter route, joined up again and set a challenge for me to take a shorter route back and for them to try and catch me. This worked really well as it kept me pushing myself right to the end listening out for the fast approaching clatter of feet behind me!

Thursday - Barre Pilates (with more new challenges) followed by 30 mins on the turbo.

Friday - REST DAY - Yippee!! 

Saturday - Back to Marbury Park and an attempt at the signposted routes. Felt a bit sluggish (although not actually like a slug...) but kept going and was pleasantly surprised when I realised that I'd done okay when reviewing my stats.

Sunday - Suffered from a major case of can't be bothered-itus and found every excuse possible not to get on my bike (although I knew I'd do it eventually). I compromised and got on and just rode rather than doing a more structured session. Consequently my HR, cadence and speed were a bit lower than previously but I still managed to work up a sweat and stuck at it for the full 40 mins so I was pleased I'd at least done something.

I'm going to try and get up a bit earlier on Tues/Thurs so I can do the bike, bike/run before work and then go to class in the evening... Optimistic that I can do it at the moment, let's see if that's still the case when my alarm rings in the morning!!!! Bring on the easier (it's not really is it :-) ) week!! :-)

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event?