Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 1)

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  She is following a training plan that they have written.   

Aunya is a member of Run Knutsford and she started running in 2016 with the Couch to 5k programme.  She's never done more than the odd bit of recreational cycling though, so doing a duathlon is a big step into the unknown.   

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event? 

Week 1 – After much excitement about getting started with the plan, my first week has been a bit tough, not because of what’s on the plan but more around having a crazy couple of weeks moving house which has kept me busy with what seemed like a gargantuan amount of cleaning, unpacking and sorting. Having said that, I was really keen to get started…

Monday – Pilates – Tick!

Tuesday – Only managed Core today (so missed the bike/run). A fun but tough session and I think I was still feeling the after effects of Sunday’s beasting.

Wednesday – Run Knutsford – Fun session with improved times for the beginners and a nice little group of four running together. 

Thursday – Another 'cheat' day - I brought forward my rest day as it was my final day of cleaning/sorting at my old pad.

Friday – Bike – 20 mins – I engaged the help of Chrissie Wellington and Audiofuel to try and keep me going and did the first 20 mins of ‘Ride Harder 1’ – 20 mins only got me up one side of the pyramid (!) and my average cadence needs to pick up a bit but it certainly got me sweating!! 

Saturday – Run – 40 mins – Did it … but I was … rubbish! 

Sunday – Bike 20 mins – Chrissie was on hand again to help out – I saw an improvement over Fridays session so that left me feeling a bit more optimistic about things and ready to put the disappointment in myself behind me. 

I'm now feeling motivated and ready for a cracking Week 2!!!  :-)