Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 4)

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  This is the latest in her series of blog posts:    

CanDu Fitness Core and strength and conditioning class

Week 4 - An easier week - thank goodness, especially given the weather :-)

Monday - Pilates, different teacher this week so we were treated to a lesson on the foam rollers - extra core challenge!

Tuesday - Failed at getting up early so completed the turbo session after work and then on to core.   Another fun session although felt it afterwards and had a very good nights sleep! 

Wednesday - No Run Knutsford so decided to swap tomorrows brick session with today's run. Short break between the bike and the run to pop on an extra layer and it was still blooming freezing but I was chuffed with myself for making the effort.

Thursday - Barre Pilates followed by a 30 mins run - had to resort to bribery (takeaway tea) and a change of venue - ran round Knutsford so I wasn't tempted by the warmth of home.

Friday - REST DAY - Yippee!! 

Saturday - Bit late for Marbury Park so just did a 30 mins uneventful run from home.

Sunday - Adventure day!! As it's an easier week I decided I'd try out the open road on my bike!   It was great being outside and after the initial nerves I coped with the traffic better than expected. Ended up having a few stops as I worked out where to go and went a bit slower than I could have done, but really enjoyed it. I definitely need to work on getting my gears right and also at keeping my cadence up. It was really useful having a session outside as it made me realise that I have probably never really biked with my legs spinning that fast, so I think its definitely something I need to work on.   I managed to trundle along nicely on the way into town and made it up the inclines a bit more easily than I think I would have in the past :-)

After today it was great to see the benefits of the turbo sessions and having regular session on the bike. Looking forward to getting stuck in with next week!

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event?