Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 5)


This week I've started to really feel like I've made some progress!

Monday - Pilates followed by 15 min run and all is well

Tuesday - Still haven’t conquered the early start … I then managed to go over on my ankle whilst walking back to my desk at work! It was more of a shock than anything too serious but has made it a bit uncomfortable walking. I didn’t let that put me off popping on the bike though and managed to complete the 40 mins. I didn’t go as high in the gears as I have been doing but still managed to work up a sweat. Then it was on to core. Another fun session!

Wednesday - Ankle still a bit swollen and sore so was glad to be out with the new beginners and with a bit of encouragement from Vicky managed to tag a bit more of a run onto the end so it was a good session.

Thursday - Had to drive to Leeds and the weather was a bit grim so the 3 hrs in the car took a bit of a toll on my ankle which stiffened up. A good walk around seemed to sort it out and the journey back was much better so avoided using the ankle as an excuse and hopped on the bike for 35 mins (again not such high gears) and then straight out for a 20 min run. Given my head had been making excuses not to do it or to swap the brick for a bike only session I actually really enjoyed the run and as I was on my way back I realised that I wasn't doing too bad really as this was a 55 min session and I was out there doing it and actually trundling along quite nicely - that made me smile! :-)

Friday - Thank goodness - rest day - yippee!!!

Saturday - Training day!! Woo hoo!! Didn't start as planned as I managed to put my bike through the rear lamp of my car but the good news is I already have it booked in for work on Tuesday so a quick phone call later and all sorted. It was a bit of a wetter start than I'd expected but the sun was soon out to brighten us up. I may have been last back from the run but I was super chuffed when I checked out my times. I think this may have been my fastest run ever! Then it was onto the bike to see how I got on out on the open road; I enjoyed the run through Tatton and managed to crack on pretty well. It was a bit tougher on the way back - I think I'd got a bit tired and the wind wasn't doing anyone any favours and I've still got plenty of time to work on endurance on the bike. I was completely rubbish by the time it got to the second run, but I think this was probably my head causing the problems rather than my body.

Officially today I should be doing a 40min run so I've ticked that off and I'm chuffed that I've achieved even more and had a taste of what's to come on the 29th!

Sunday - Today is a 50 min bike ride; after the efforts of yesterday I decided to do a bit more adventuring along the river which was lots of fun but I have concluded that there are a few too many obstacles to crack on with getting used to having my legs spinning faster and changing gears at the right point so I'm going to try Tatton again next week. I was out for over an hour so I was pleased enough with that

My ankle is now graduating from purple to yellow so hopefully it won’t be long before it's back to normal. I'm settling in to the additional sessions although I have a busy week ahead so think I'm going to have to do a bit of advance planning to fit everything in - but I am feeling optimistic! :-)