Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey (Week 6)

I am learning that a bit of forward planning and organisation is key to a successful training week!

Monday - I finally managed to drag myself out of bed early enough to do a run before work! I was half asleep and my legs felt like lead, but I did it and reviewing my pace afterwards I hadn't done too badly. After work it was Pilates and then I was done for the day, pleased to have made the effort earlier. 

Tuesday - A busy day with an early start meant that I needed to squeeze my turbo session in between work and core with just slightly more than the 50 mins to do it in. It was at this point I realised that I need to be a bit more organised when I come in after being out on the bike as it was in need of a good clean and it was also not on the turbo... So after a hasty setup, I was on the bike and spinning away. After a few minutes of warming up I got cracking and as I'd done no planning for this session decided to focus on keeping my legs going round at a decent rate. As time went on it felt tough and I wasn't able to get into the higher gears I'd done previously and keep pushing - what was happening? It then dawned on me… my turbo can be adjusted by a little switch which is meant to be on the handlebar but was currently strewn across the room and it now I was pushing against a much higher resistance than I'd been using previously! I was tight for time and didn’t want to stop so persevered for the 50 mins and then gladly hopped off. A speedy shower and then out the door for Strength and Conditioning! 

Wednesday - Run Knutsford and a 45 min run ticked off.

Thursday - There really weren't enough hours in the day today even with a 5am start so I'm calling an early rest day and postponing this week’s brick session until tomorrow.

Friday - Feeling a little sad that I don’t get my Friday free day this week as I've become a bit used to getting to the end of the working week and coming home to relax. Tonight it was bike-run and I even managed to summon up a second wind during the run which was good as it's definitely something which needs working on.

Saturday - Up early-ish and out to Marbury Park for a 45 min run. Brrrr…. It was windy, snowy and cold and my eyes were full of sleep but I kept going, made it round and I'm sure the bracing air did me some good!

Sunday - Plan for today was to re-try the Tatton Park route we did during last week’s training session, then I looked out the window. Snow! So it was back on the turbo for what felt like the longest 50 mins ever! Made worse when I re-checked the plan later on and realised it was supposed to be 55 mins so I'm ending the week 5 mins short!  I did the session without looking at the cadence sensor output or doing too much gear changing so was pleased to see that I'd managed to keep spinning in the higher end of the range it should have been, my legs must be starting to get a little bit used to this!

Woo hoo to making it half way through! Here's to a more organised Week 7 and some good weather at the weekend. Oh, and to catching up on my missing 5 mins!!!!