Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey

I am starting to embrace the early start - well almost!

Monday - A cancelled train meant postponing today's run until after Pilates; it was cold but felt good afterwards.  

Tuesday - A successful early start and 55 mins on the turbo (50 plus last week’s missing 5). I say successful as I completed it, but it was hard work. I could really feel it in my legs today and my tracker claims I've been less than enthusiastic in my efforts! A tough Strength and Conditioning in the evening, I think I'm going to feel it tomorrow!

Wednesday - Yes, definitely feeling the effects of last night - all over!! Run Knutsford this evening and I finished just shy of the 45 mins so will tag a little onto tomorrow's run.

Thursday - Up and on the bike before work, with legs still recovering from Tuesday! Really felt it on the turbo but managed a better performance than earlier in the week and then straight outside on wobbly legs; took a bit for me to get going...  It was Barre after work which was tough with stiff legs!

Friday - Woo hoo!!

Saturday - Back to Marbury Park to tackle a 50 min run, finally some lovely weather to enjoy. Lost my sock in my shoe within the first 5 mins so had to stop and sort myself out but was then pretty uneventful until 30 seconds from the end when I managed to trip over a puppy who decided it'd be fun to have a little run round my legs. My legs went everywhere as I was trying to avoid the little thing but also desperate not to stop before the 50 mins was up. Thankfully we both escaped unscathed! 

Sunday - Better weather, so out to Tatton Park to re-do the loop we did on training day. I got round twice this time and tagged a bit more on to the end to make up the minutes. I went in the afternoon and it was all a bit busy in the park so I'm going to try and get out there earlier next time. I'm finding the difference between being on the turbo and on the road tricky; think I need to keep up the practice outside and also to sort out a sliding seat post. Had really sore legs by the end of the ride and my right buttock seems to be having a massive sulk. I'm not really sure why, as if anyone spotted me I'm sure I looked more like I was out on a Sunday afternoon jaunt rather than a training session. 

I have struggled with my head a bit this week. I think some nervousness is beginning to set in. It's an easier week next week (which I think I'm ready for) but then it is only 3 full on weeks before race week. Suddenly it all seems very close!