Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's journey (week 10)

This week’s highlight has been the Transition training special led by Vicky McKinnon (CanDu Fitness)! Who'd have thought I could actually get on an off a moving bike without falling over?!

Monday - Opened the curtains to a rather misty morning but after an appropriate amount of faff I was out the door and off on my 30 mins run. I did the new single loop run again, this time I couldn't see very far ahead so wasn't as put off by the incline. The whole run felt a bit slow and I was sure that I wasn't getting round as quickly as last time (and that had been after I'd been on the bike) so I put some extra effort in as I headed back towards home and my tracker tells me that my pace saw a gradual increase over every km - that must be a first! Back to Pilates after work and a week off core work.

Tuesday - Wet start to the day and no core this evening so packed my bike into my car to take to Tatton after work. Made the most of being outside and getting started in good time by doing this week’s brick session. Had to pack my bike in the car for the transition but I was still suffering from wobbly legs as I set off on my run. It was a tough one but I was glad to be out there. 

Wednesday - Beginners intervals with Run Knutsford and another challenging run pace.

Thursday - Up and at it with a 50mins turbo session before work followed by a challenging Barre Pilates session after work with some new moves to try.

Friday - Woo … ohhh…. Walking into work and went over on my ankle … ouch and oh crikey … not again…  

Saturday - Saturday training session - the Transition Special was fab! Loved attempting getting on and off a moving bike, not something I ever imagined I'd ever be able to do, just need to remember it all now and not trip over my feet on race day! I was also meant to do a longer run today but after attempting for all of about 30 seconds and realising my ankle probably wasn't up to it I decided that I should really be giving it a rest so swapped to a short walk instead. Disappointed I couldn't complete the session but I know it's the right thing to do.

Sunday - Up and out for the longer bike ride, set off earlier this time so I could have a coffee at the end rather than in the middle! I still feel very slow but think I'm improving a little bit.

Bit of a mixed week, disappointed to have injured my ankle again but have been looking ahead at next week’s plan and with a few swaps I should hopefully be okay to complete everything on there and there is also some nice weather due too so that should brighten things up.