Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's journey - week 9

Monday - The Bank Holiday means a day off work and a chance to do Thursday's brick session early. I did the training loop twice and tagged on a bit extra on the second one to make sure I did the full session. Then it was the slowest transition ever, I had to put my bike in the car and there was a good dose of faff. I then ran back into the park and down the main drive, looked a bit too wet and muddy to venture off the road and heading into the park I can’t help thinking that I have to get back out again but I kept working on the positive thinking and a wave from a fellow Run Knutsford Duathlete running in the opposite direction really spurred me on :-)

Tuesday - Back to work and no core class this evening so left the cycle session until after work.  Need to crack on and do a bit of core home work as there is no Pilates this week either.

Wednesday - Beginners intervals with Run Knutsford, the run pace kept me challenged!

Thursday - Another swap, doing Saturday's longer run today as I'm hoping to try the new Parkrun in Northwich on Saturday, so saving my shorter run for that. No Barre this week either so decided to head into Tatton after work. Still a bit wet so stuck to the roads and headed up past the old hall, on my way back towards the gates I realised I was probably going to get there before I'd done the full session, so was planning an extra add-on when I spotted a couple of familiar faces in the distance. It was two of my running buddies out making up for missing out on RK last night (well done ladies!) so I tagged along and had a lovely end to the session even managing to go over my planned run time.

Friday - Woo hoo!!!

Saturday - Up and out to try my first ever Parkrun. I was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic at the start and ended up walking at just before half way. I then forgot about all the positive thinking I was supposed to be practicing and struggled a bit during the second half. Having said that I got to the end and was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed my pace so wasn't as bad as I'd first thought. I'm definitely seeing improvements!

Sunday - Headed off to Tatton with my bike for a bit more practice but found the gates closed to cyclists as there was an event on. Went the opposite way round the loop and bumped into some more Run Knutsford chums setting off on their Sunday run so couldn't resist hatching a plan to meet for a mid-session coffee . This meant my longer session was split in two which I know not really in the spirit of things but it was good to have a catch up. 

I've been full of cold this week but with a bank holiday and no formal Pilates / core classes  it's meant that I've been able to swap things around a bit so have managed to keep at it. I think it is going to be a bit of a shock to the system next week and it's back to early starts! I'll be focusing on more positive thinking and it only being for 2 weeks (so no excuses for not giving it my all!) and trying not to think about what 'only 2 weeks' also means … Eeeek!!!!!