Training for the Canute Duathlon - a Beginner's Journey Week 2

We asked Aunya Davison to send us her thoughts as she prepares for her first ever duathlon.  Aunya, 43, has been attending the CanDu Fitness duathlon training sessions, led by coaches Helen Murray and Vicky McKinnon, to help her prepare for the race.  This is the latest in her series of blog posts: 

Week 2 - After the minor disappointment of last week his week has been much better and I've enjoyed the mix of activities

Monday – Pilates – Tick!

Tuesday - Completed the bike-run session after work, got rather hot and sweaty on the turbo before staggering out the front door like bambi to complete the 10 min run (I hope my new neighbours weren't watching!) then it was a quick turnaround to get out the door for CanDu Fitness core class.

Wednesday  - Run Knutsford - Some of my regular running buddies were away so I managed a slightly faster paced 45 min run.

Thursday - Not on the plan but had a Barre Pilates class and the instructor was fresh from a course learning some more advanced moves so she took the opportunity to try some out on us. Hard work after Tuesday's core! Got home and popped straight on the turbo for a 30 min session, chuffed with my progress as my tracker showed an improved speed and cadence (I haven't started tinkering with the trainer resistance yet).

Friday - REST DAY - Phew!!!! 

Saturday - Up and on the turbo for 30 mins before getting ready to head out and meet my new team for lunch. Hot and sweaty again! Not a morning person and full of cold so was lacking a little enthusiasm but pleasantly surprised that I did okay compared with earlier in the week and nice to be headed out knowing I'd already done today's training.

Sunday - Feeling a little 'tired' after yesterday's adventures and also sore legs and feet as it was the first time I had worn heels in ages! Time for some fresh air and to explore some new running routes... Headed to Marbury Park, wasn't all that sure where I was going but managed not to get too lost and completed the 40 mins target (with one short stop when I bumped into some horses). Found signposted 3km and 1km routes which I'll definitely be making the most of next weekend!

My cold is now on the way out, planning an early night tonight and looking forward to getting cracking with Week 3!!

If you are also new to multi-sport and feeling a little bit nervous, then rest assured, you're really not alone!  Why not leave a comment and some words of encouragement for Aunya and everyone else who has signed up to their first run-bike-run event?