Where is the race? 
The race is based in Knutsford, Cheshire. The start and transition for the race will be at Egerton Youth Club, Mereheath Lane, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA166SL
Registration, parking and transition will all take place here. The race will finish inside the grounds of Egerton Youth Club.

When is the race?
The race will be on Sunday 29th April 2018. The races will begin at 8am. Depending on numbers there may be a number of waves. You will be notified of this prior to race day.

What distances are involved?
The event is a duathlon, this being a run/bike/run endurance event. The distances are as follows:
Run 1: 4.5 km (Super Sprint) / 6.6 km (Sprint)

Bike: 11 km (Super Sprint) / 22 km (Sprint)

Run 1.25 km (Super Sprint) / 2.5 km (Sprint)

(Please note, organisers reserve the right to alter the bike and/or run course if necessary).

What is the race course like? 
The event is a beginner friendly, but nevertheless challenging, event with both run and bike courses offering something for everyone. The run courses include both road and off road terrain; the off road section is in Tatton park with some sections where there will potentially be slippery or uneven terrain. The bike course is all on paved road and is mostly flat. The unique setting of the race includes running and cycling through the beautiful grounds of Tatton Park. 

How much does the race cost? 
Individual entry fee is £30.00 (Sprint) or £25.00 (Super Sprint). 
Relay entry is £35.00 per team. 
Relay teams can comprise of two or three athletes. 

If you are not a British Triathlon Federation member then you need to pay an additional £5 to purchase the ‘Race Day’ licence necessary to participate.

How do I enter?
To enter the race visit the ‘How To Enter’ section on the website and follow instructions. Entry to the race is online only.

Online entry is being managed by Entry Central.

Is there a relay option?
Yes we will be offering a relay option as well as the individual race. Just fill in the relevant boxes when entering.

What is the minimum age for entry?
The minimum age for entry for the individual or relay race is 16yrs old on the day of the race. 

What age group will I race in? 
You will compete in the age group that you are in on the day of the race.

Is drafting allowed?
No. The race will be run under British Triathlon rules and regulations. A copy of these can be found on the British Triathlon website.

How does the registration process work?
You will pick up your race entry pack at the race venue. This can be done on the on the morning of the race. The race pack will include your race number, timing chip and race stickers.

Full details of where, when and how to pick up your registration pack will be announced approximately 1 month before the race day.

How does the 'transition area' work? 
The transition area is where the athlete transfers from one sport to the next. Only athletes are allowed in the transition area and identification will need to be presented to the transition marshalls in order to gain access to the transition area. Each athlete will be allocated a racking space to use and they will then find themselves an area to set up their own equipment. Bikes will be racked in alternating facing directions to save space. We ask that you do not bring any more equipment into the transition area than you need and that you respect the space of other athletes.

Are there 'cut off' times for the race? 
No. We will not be imposing a cut off for the race. However if the race organisers feel that you are not in a fit and healthy condition to finish the race then they will inform you, and their decision will be final.

What equipment is advised? 
Due to the nature of the run we would suggest that your normal running shoes will be perfectly adequate, however please keep an eye on weather conditions and if there has been significant rain in the lead up to the race then be aware that a standard running shoe may not give the optimal amount of grip on the wet park ground. The bike course is suitable for any kind of bike, but a road would be preferable. If you only have a mountain bike, then consider equipping it with 'slick' road tyres. You must wear a helmet in order to race. No Helmet = No Race!!!

What happens if I have entered the race but am unable to attend?
If you are unable to attend you need to let us know ASAP.  We are unfortunately unable to offer full refunds for any entry fees paid.  

Can spectators watch the race?
Absolutely. We encourage athletes to bring family and friends with them. The run course offers a number of sections where spectators can follow their athletes. The finish of the race will be within Egerton Youth Club grounds and spectators will be able to watch their athletes cross the finish line.

In addition, Knutsford is an attractive town with a wide variety of shops and cafes to spend your time while the athletes are competing.