The Venue

The Canute Duathlon is set in the Cheshire market town of Knutsford.  The run and bike courses include sections within the surroundings of the beautiful and historic Tatton Park, before finishing in the grounds of Egerton Youth Club. 

About Knutsford

Knutsford has a long history and was recorded in William the Conqueror's 'Domesday Book' of 1086 as Cunetesford (or "Canute's Ford"). King Canute (Knutr in Old Norse) was the King of England, reigning between 1016 and 1035, as well as later becoming King of Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden. Local tradition says that King Canute blessed a wedding that was taking place and forde the River Lily which at the time was said to be dangerous. Other reports say that it was the Birkin Brook at or near Booth Mill. The English Place Name Society gives the name as being derived from the Old English for Knutr's ford or possibly, hillock ford. 

Today, Knutsford is a thriving market town with a lively community feel, busy with events throughout the year. Knutsford is surrounded by the beautiful Cheshire countryside, and offers many first class walking, running and cycling opportunities in the immediate vicinity. It's not for nothing that Stage 3 of the 2016 Tour of Britain took place entirely within the county.  

About Tatton Park

Tatton Park is one of the North West's most popular heritage attractions. Over 800,000 visits are made each year to the 1,000 acres of deer park, Mansion, Gardens, Old Hall, rare breeds Farm and events. 

There is evidence of human occupation on the site since 8,000BC. Archaeological surveys show that Stone Age people hunted here and that there was farming activity in the Bronze Age. The parkland has been home to deer since 1290. 

Tatton was acquired by the Egerton family in the late Tudor period, and the family owned the estate until 1958 when the estate was bequeathed to the National Trust who managed the site until 2009. Today, Tatton Park is managed and financed by Cheshire East Council through its Visitor Economy Department, while the National Trust retains ownership of the Park. 

The Tatton Park Charitable Trust is a registered charity (1111357) that supports the conservation of Tatton Park for current and future generations. The Trust raises funds to meet its charitable objectives. The sale in 2006 of the right to use the M1 registration on the highway privded the initial funds for the Trust's work. The Trust continues to see additional funds from donations, bequests and fundraising activities. 

About Egerton Youth Club

We are proud to bring you the Canute Duathlon in partnership with Egerton Youth Club

Founded in 1947, Egerton Youth Club can be found on Mereheath Lane in Knutsford. In its early years the club was originally just for boys, with girls starting to use the club in 1970. In 1985 the Club became a Youth Club. Over its long history, the Club has won many awards, most recently being named the Charter Standard Community Club of the Year 2016. 

The Club is in regular use throughout the year, providing a wide range of activities including gymnastics, badminton, sports therapy, tumble tots, bubble football and karate in addition to a full programme of football during the season. 

Egerton Youth Club is a registered charity (520073).